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This website was created to help people who care about local issues. Whether you need access to useful information, want to highlight a particular topic to other people, discuss ideas with like minded individuals or just show your support and keep up to date with current affairs in your area, Hampshire Matters is the place for you.

This resource will allow you to create a profile for an organisation or issue you care about. This page can act as a website for you; allowing you to co-ordinate and focus attention as necessary. If you already have a website a profile on Hampshire Matters can be great; working in conjunction with your current set up, your Matters profile can be used to increase awareness and help drive people to your website.

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Twitter users get their story on the Matters Network

Lots of people are now getting news updates on Twitter from the Matters Network, we work hard to find all the best news feeds in your area to give you... (read more)

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Create a Matter

Create a MatterHave you got a local issue, group or cause that needs promoting? A Matters profile connects you to thousands of like minded individuals.

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Get InvolvedDiscover new communities, help good causes and spread the word to make your local area a better place.

Build a Better Community

Build a Better CommunityUse the power of the Internet and Community Networking to change your local area for the better.

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