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About Hampshire Matters

This website was created to help people who care about local issues. Whether you need access to useful information, want to highlight a particular topic to other people, discuss ideas with like-minded people or just show your support and keep up to date with current affairs in your area, Hampshire Matters is the place for you.

This resource will allow you to create a profile for an organisation or issue you care about. This page can act as a website for you; allowing you to co-ordinate and focus attention as necessary. If you already have a website, a profile on Hampshire Matters can be great; working in conjunction with your current set up, your Hampshire Matters profile can be used to increase awareness and help drive people to your website.

You can search for issues and local topics of interest quickly and easily. You can also become a supporter of a topic. By being a supporter you can add comment and express your opinions on the topic that you join. Becoming a supporter is easy to do and absolutely free.

We wish to promote issues, help decent causes and hopefully, in some small way, bring people together to improve the world in which they live. We are not working on behalf of, or have any affiliations with, any religious or political organisations. We welcome all topics, causes and associations that we feel will be of benefit or interest to other users of this website and the wider community. We will be the only exponents of intolerance on this website in so far as we will not allow hateful or socially irresponsible content to feature.

We realise there are many important issues and topics in the wider world that are important to all of us. In view of this, we believe that it is also our responsibility to promote ethical companies and products; companies that work towards the benefit and promotion of environmental issues and any others concerned with worthwhile causes and charities. Occasionally we will contact you with information regarding select ethical causes, charities or companies embracing this age of corporate responsibility.

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