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School Road Speedsters

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School Road is a small, unlit country lane in Bursledon, just to the east of Southampton. It used to be School Lane, a description that suits the road well, for it is narrow and winding. One side of the road consists of an 'ancient earth bank', whilst on the other side the ground slopes away sharply.

With the A27 now so busy, Scool Road is now a favourite short cut for drivers in a hurry.

In addition, in the mornings and afternoons, the road is heavily used by parents on the 'school run'. Worryingly, many of these parents are amongst the worst and most persistent offenders for driving at excess speeds, often with their car full of children.

For the locals who live along School road, access to and from their homes, using the road, which does not have any pavements, has become a very risky business.

Eastleigh Council have known about the problem for more than 20 years, but have chosen not to address this long standing issue.

The intention is to now start the task of putting more pressure on Eastleigh Council, along with Hampshire County Council, until SOME action is taken to resolve this issue.

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Creator: David Henshall
Website: school_road_speedsters
Location: Hampshire, Hampshire

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21/08/08 - Reply from Cllr Keith House
18/08/08 - Letter to Councillor Steve Holes

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